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Who to Make Money on YouTube without Monetization in 2021

How to Make Money on YouTube without Monetization in 2021

Hello friends, all of you are welcome in today’s article in which I will tell you how you can earn money in YouTube without monetization.

There will be many of you who are wondering if it is possible that we can make money with the help of YouTube without monetization, then today I will tell you some similar methods or tips that will help you in your YouTube channel  Will be able to earn money without monetization.  So if you want to know which are the ways by which you can earn money without monetization, then stay on this article till the last.

You all will know that YouTube’s monetization policy has become very strict due to which many youtubers are able to monetize their channel, so with the help of the methods I will tell you today, you will earn money without monetization and that  Even more than the monetization channels, let’s go towards our money making method without losing time.

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01. Sponsorship

You all will know about this, how you can earn money from sponsorship from your YouTube channel, if your YouTube channel has good subscribers and viwes are also good, then you can contact any company in your category and  You can deal with them and give information about your YouTube channel and get sponsorship from them and you also get good money for sponsorship.
In sponsorship, you have to tell about 1 minute or so in the middle of your video about the company from whom you have sponsored, if you make a completely dedicated video, then the company gives you more money.
And you can sponsor from any company without monetization, just your channel should have good subscribers and viwes.

02. Affiliate marketing

All of you will also know about this, today there are many people who are making a lot of money from affiliate marketing, whether through their website or through their YouTube channel, more money than that monetize channel.  Are earning because in this you get money on every sell.
What you have to do in this is that by joining the affiliate program of a company in your channel category, you start promoting those products and by giving the link in the description of your YouTube channel, ask to buy it from there so that you can sell every  But the commission for that product.
Many YouTubers are doing very good earnings today.
Very few people know about it, it is similar to affiliate marketing, but in this you get 1 to 10 dollars or more on the action, but there are many websites that provide you with such service that only email  You get money even after registering or downloading an APK or game.
So you can do good earnings by promoting those links on your YouTube channel or by giving that link in the description, that too without monetization.


Very few people know about this, in which you can print and sell your own design in T-Shirt or any other physical product on your YouTube channel, you will find many websites on Google which provide you such service and  In this, you do not worry about its manufector nor delivery, it is the work of this company.
So you can do a lot of earrings even without monetization and by this you can earn more money from monetized channels.

05. Pramotions

If your YouTube community or family is growing very well and your YouTube channel also has a good audience, then you can earn good earrings by promoting other channels or social accounts.
And you can also charge money for promotion from them, you can do good earnings in YouTube without monetization in this way, so if your YouTube channel is not monetize then you do not need to worry, you just keep working

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