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WhatsApp v/s Telegram v/s Signal which is better ??

  WhatsApp v/s Telegram v/s Signal which is better ??

Friends, all of you will know that WhatsApp has launched its new privacy policy and then people are nervous and all of WhatsApp’s alternative and are thinking that which one will be better for them and which will give their privacy  Keep secure.

WhatsApp v/s Telegram v/s Signal which is better ??

That is, you know that WhatsApp is so popular in India that everyone uses WhatsApp, but when WhatsApp launched its new privacy policy, after that people started fearing their privacy, in this case people like the alternative of WhatsApp  We are going to telegram and signal, here we talk about which will be better for users.

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One name of Telegram also comes in India, which Indians are still using more, but Telegram has a different reason for being popular in India, but Telegram is also very good alternative and the other name that comes after this is the signal which is declared Musk.  Had himself tweeted and asked to use it, now what is the difference between signal and telegram and whatsapp and which is better in terms of privacy.

• Which is better based on user base

Talking on the basis of the user base, WhatsApp’s user base is very large, its monthly 2 billions are active users, 400 million is within the telegram and 10-20 million signals, but the thing is that there are also features which are available inside WhatsApp  Yeninohale could only send messages easily, then groups came, then videos came on WhatsApp, then stories came inside the states, WhatsApp business came, that is, what Facebook did, there were no features of this type in WhatsApp  Now the service of upi has started on WhatsApp and it always keeps bringing some new features.

• Features of telegram

If you see Telegram, then you get a lot of advance and you get a lot of features in it.

• Inside it you can make group messages and inside it you can keep 2 lakh members.

• Broadcast messages inside it can make the channel Create.

• You can reach your message multiple peoples.

• You can share huge files inside it.

• Inside it, features like pogols, bots make it unique.

• Easy way of distribution and has made networking easier.

If seen, Telegram is a good thing in terms of features, but it is not as popular as WhatsApp, although its populularity has increased in the last few years due to its other unique features.

• Features of signal

Now let’s talk about the signal, if it is very basic, you can do normal calling in it like you can make a video call, small groups and lick it normally, it has less features but in terms of privacy  It is at the forefront.

Do you know that Telegram has access to all of your contact information, user ID and storage, while talking about WhatsApp, the tracking ID will also create the advertising ID by taking your location, will make a lot of things and also a lot of things and information  But if you talk about the signal, it does not take any information from you, but it also takes only your phone number while registering.

The most important thing is that it will keep your storage secure and it encrypts it and can even put a passcode in it, even if you and the phone went in the wrong hand, your data will still be encrypted, and a special  It is also available to see encrypt in video call.

And Signal works on open source means you can easily know any problem in it and it runs on the basis of donation.

But Telegram has claimed that the information that you have is not shared with any third party nor with the government and if anyone wants this information, then one has to get permission from the coat.  They have maintained layers, however you may have a privacy related problem because we have heard that the feature may see ad in Telegram or there may be something like business in Telegram because it is a private help and its server is closed.  But if you see, the data is less than whatsapp, it is not even tracking and is not sharing information with other websites but with the signal that all things are open source and everything is available to you.  Seeing encryption so that your data will be protected.

So in terms of privacy, the signal is the best, but you do not get to see features like WhatsApp and Telegram.  Telegram is much more secure in the matter of WhatsApp, but it is not known how it will behave in the coming time, but if it is talked about during the time, then Telegram is a good alternative and if we talk about WhatsApp then it is more than Telegram.  You get to see the features and it is a similar to WhatsApp, it has some things that make it unique and when it comes to WhatsApp, it is not secure due to its new policy, although it was not secure before but all of it.  You used to use it too.

So in this way, if you want to keep the A data secure till the features, then you can go to the signal because the signal has claimed to be open source till the features, apart from this, if you want, you can use Telegram for now.

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