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WhatsApp scared of dwindling users, postponed the date of February 8 for the privacy policy update plan

WhatsApp scared of dwindling users, postponed the date of February 8 for the privacy policy update plan

 After the refusal of WhatsApp’s persecuted fear, policy update date, world’s biggest billionaire business man Elon Musk and many big personalities, WhatsApp has now started to fear, users are shifting to telegram and signal app.  After which he has decided to postpone his update plan which is 8 February 2021 for some time

WhatsApp scared of dwindling users, postponed the date of February 8 for the privacy policy update plan

Let us tell you that WhatsApp has not yet finished its new privacy plan, apart from India, in Germany, France, Austria, Finland, Hong Kong, Swiderland, users are switching to telegram, signal due to WhatsApp, due to which WhatsApp,  Trying to convert people by giving huge ADS in Twitter and newspapers.

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WhatsApp says that there is some misinformation among the people due to which the privacy plan has been postponed for a short time, this will make it easier for the users to understand their privacy policy properly and will take more time to adopt their new terms.  However, the company has not told anything from when it will implement the update plan, what does something say, WhatsApp, let us tell you.

• What says whatsapp

Now we are withdrawing from the date which stated that on 8 February 2021, WhatsApp accounts of people who do not accept their new privacy plan will be closed, we will try to remove the wrong information spread in the people and  Will show you how privacy and security is working on WhatsApp.  We will go to the people to review the policy before new trade options are available on May 15.

What are the things that WhatsApp has focused on in its newspaper ads.

• Whatsapp newspaper Ads

WhatsApp and Facebook can neither see your private messages nor listen to your calls, WhatsApp does not keep a record of who you are chatting or calling, do not share the location with others on your WhatsApp.  WhatsApp cannot see nor Facebook, WhatsApp does not share the contacts on your phone with Facebook, as well as WhatsApp says that all groups created on WhatsApp will remain private.

WhatsApp’s Ads and privacy policy are not matching, meaning that WhatsApp is lying and the truth is different, now we tell you what WhatsApp has clearly written in its privacy.

• What is written in the privacy policy

WhatsApp shares many types of information with Facebook companies at this time, through the information we collect, WhatsApp gives all your information to Facebook companies, including your account registration information such as your phone number, transaction data, service information, kisses  Interacts with others in a way that includes business, information on your mobile device, your IP address and other information.  Apart from this, your activity in which you are active on WhatsApp and talk to people at any time, how often, and for how long, is also online.

At the moment, it would not be wrong to say that WhatsApp is undoubtedly a little scared amid worldwide protests, but it has neither completely abolished its new policy nor has it been withdrawn.  It has to be accepted, for now, it is too early to say that WhatsApp is telling the truth and it is completely safe regarding privacy.

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