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WhatsApp May Threaten your Personal Data

WhatsApp May Threaten your Personal Data

 There is a saying in English if you are not paying for it you become the product.  From a notification on what’s aap, this saying has been completely proved.  In the last few days 200 crore people around the world got a notification on what’s app, maybe this notification will have come to you too, if you have not come and you use WhatsApp then you will definitely get this notification.  Remember, you must have come and you have pressed the green button or the next button or you will get this notification, so today we are already warning you that this photo below is of the same notification that will come to you and the green button from you  Will be asked to press.

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In this notification, it was said that by February 8, 2021, you will have to accept these terms which are written here and if you did not accept these terms, do not press the green button next to it, then after that you will close the app account  , You will not be able to use your WhatsApp account, according to this notification, the Whats app will share your data to Facebook and in that notification you are asking for permission to press the green button and allow us that we can use your WhatsApp data.  Share with facebook.

You will know that the owner of both Facebook companies is the same on WhatsApp and this data means all the information like your mobile number, your contacts and your WhatsApp states, it is called data, this data is what WhatsApp needs and WhatsApp is saying that  We will share the data with Facebook, Facebook will get all these data from WhatsApp and and if you do not like the condition of giving your data and you want to keep your data private then you can delete your WhatsApp account now because  If you did not do this then WhatsApp will not let you use your services.

• WhatsApp new conditions

WhatsApp has brought this new condition this year, but at the time of its launch in the year 2009, WhatsApp had the greed to give you all the facilities free of cost, today people all over the world would think that WhatsApp is a free service and also said that WhatsApp  He will share all your messages and data with anyone, he will not share it with anyone. WhatsApp promised that every third person of the world is using WhatsApp today, and why not do it because it is for free.

With this data repository to millions of people on WhatsApp, Facebook’s business will grow, Facebook will expand further, you will also make full use of WhatsApp to stay in relation to your family friend, 400 million people in India in their personal and Profficinal life.  Use and nowadays it is a time when the relationship between the court and the police is also being sent to notices on WhatsApp and it has also been accepted in the law, it is an important part of your life that many of you  People must have pressed the next button without reading it.

Now understand that WhatsApp will share your which data with Facebook, after getting your permission, all the contacts of your mobile number, address book will now be with WhatsApp and you will be able to see your status, messages, WhatsApp, and information about your bank balance.  It is passed, with the help of WhatsApp payment service, you will store one of the information wherever you spend your money, because now WhatsApp’s payment service has also come, in the future, all the company will use WhatsApp for payment, then WhatsApp has  You will have all the information of your finance and bank, besides all your personal information will also be with WhatsApp, apart from this, WhatsApp will also have business account information.

• Will Facebook do our data

Now you must be thinking that what will Facebook do to our data, then tell me that a big company like Facebook has a very large store center to store all the data and these data with the big companies, that data  Now you must be thinking that what is their benefit from our personal data, let me tell you that only through this information, that company is able to know about you and you can share the thing you like so that their business will grow.  It is called data tracking and with the help of it you are constantly pursued and you can see this advertisement of these companies.

This means that WhatsApp is no longer a free service, as many such companies provide their services to you in exchange for your personal data, not for free, meaning you are not in profit, these are companies which benefit by selling your personal data.  The demand for data is increasing very much today, in view of this, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp for 1 lakh 39 thousand crore rupees.  Mark Zuckerberg wanted to earn money by selling WhatsApp data, so he bought WhatsApp for such a huge amount, and 99% of Facebook’s revenue comes from digital advertising and in 2019, Facebook’s revenue was 5 lakh 21 thousand crore rupees, now 200 million from WhatsApp.  After getting the data of the people, now Facebook’s business is growing and Facebook’s network is more than 10 lakh crore rupees.  India’s defense budget in the year 2020 was 3 lakh 37 thousand crores and Facebook’s network is three times more than that. The most used social account in India is Facebook and they can share your data to other companies.  You must now know that your personal data is not saved.

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