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What Is Vertual Box ? How to Use in your Computer system

 What Is Vertual Box ? How to Use in your Computer system

What Is Vertual Box ? How to Use in your Computer system

Updated by khilesh singh

Dated 27 October 2020

Do you also use a computer or laptop and have been troubled by using the same type of system, so today I have come up with a solution to this problem of yours, with the help of which you want one but not as much in your computer’s boring window system  You can use the Vertual system, so today I am going to talk about the Vertual box, what it is and how it is used in your system and what are its advantages, then you will get the last information for this post.  Read till and if you like, share it with your friends.

If you have a lot of trouble to install a new operating system in your computer system and consume a lot of data, then this Vertual box has been created in view of this problem, if you are a computer student then you must  You might have heard about the virtual box, but you have to download its contents and where it is available and you will not know how to install it, with the help of this you can use the desired operating system in your system like Mac kali Linux.

So let’s find out what is a virtual box, what is the use of it, where is it to be downloaded and how to install it.

So hello Guys this is SID and welcome back to the world of Cyber security…

 • What is Vertual Box ?

So let’s talk about what is a vertical box, then its full name is Oracle VM Vertual box which is known as the short name Vertual box or Vertual machine.

It is usually open source software. It is a software that you have to install in your computer or laptop, after which you can create a Vertual system or Vertual machine in your computer, after which you can install the operating system as you wish.  You can do it and you can install it according to your category by going through the official website of Vertual Box, which is very easy.

So to put it simply, this is a software in which you get to see a different operating system so that you can install any Vertual system for your operating system here, it is a free space where the operating system you install  You have to do this and by installing it you can use multiple operating systems.

So you must have understood that what is a Vertual Box, now let’s talk about its Advantage.

• Advantages of Vertual Box

01. This software does not have to give you any kind of money. You can download it from its Official Website.

02. This software is made for all types of operating system and it can use any System Ke Liye whether it is window Linux or Mac OS.

03. With the help of Vertual Box you can install and use multiple type operating systems in your own system.

04. If you want to use multiple operating systems in your computer system, then it can help it to use it.

05.  This gives you a separate free space where you can use it and you will not have any problem with ROM, along with it the speed of your system will not be affected.

So friends, I am sure that now you have got complete information about this and now you have also understood the process of its use and installation and its benefits will also be known, then for the next article, you will get only that.

Thank you so much Guys…

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