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What is Phishing ? How it works । Protect yourself

What is Phishing ? How it works । Protect yourself

Hello friends, in this article today we will talk about what is phishing, how does phishing work, so you stay on this article Hello friends I welcome you to my blog thatshacker.

What is Phishing ? How it works । Protect yourself

Friends, if you are new and you do not know about phishing, then you must be understanding the meaning of phishing simply phishing, so let me tell you, then phishing is related to hacking, meaning how a hacker is your Facebook password, Gmail password or bank details  Easily steals with the help of phishing. Here we will talk about phishing, so let’s know what phishing is.

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* What is Phishing ?

The simple meaning of phishing is the way we throw some bait to catch a fish, in the same way hackers throw you a bait to know your bank account, Gmail password, Facebook password or other kind of password, that is, send a link to With the help of which he finds out your ID or password, now you must be wondering how phishing works, how the hacker can find out our ID and password with the help of phishing, so let’s know its working process.

* How Does Phishing work ?

So here I would like to tell you that phishing happens through email or message from us, ie any hacker sends you a message, it can be through email or through message or through any social networking site. Now in such a situation that you have received an email or a message, it seems that you have come from an official website or company in real, although it is a fake website.

Now in such a way that you have received an email or message, you have given a link in it, then it makes you compelled, that is, you write something in it that you knowingly click on it and now as soon as you click on it  So you go to its official website, be it Facebook website or Gmail website, or any bank website or any other website in which your account and that hacker wants to steal your details,  The website you see will look like an original website, however it is a fake website that hackers create to steal your details.

* Protect Yourself Against phishing

Now you may be thinking how we will recognize that the email or message that we have received is a fake website or real, I tell you first if you click on a link then there is a URL to see there.Which is absolutely copied to the original website, but if you look at it carefully then you will see a difference in the Alphabet of Fake website from its original site.

So you do such a mistake whenever a message or email comes and clicks on the link given in it, then you check the website’s spelling well then after that you put your user detail. There is another second way in such a way that you can find out whether the email or message has come or not.

When you receive an email, you are given an email address of Send, that is, the email address from which the email came from, you have given an email address, in such a way, you can check that the email that has been received is fake  Has come from the website or from the original website.

Keep in mind if you have a Facebook email, a Gmail email or a YouTube email, you can see the e-mailing there, which will look like an exaggeration that has come from YouTube, then you will see YouTube.com and there Exact spelling will give the handicap which belongs to its original website but which will be a fake site, in this you can get some kind of difference like youtoob.com instead of youtube.com, so you must watch the spelling carefully. So here you will not be confused, now you have learned what is phishing, how it works and how to protect against phishing.

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