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What is Kali Linux ?Advantage of using Kali Linux

   What is Kali Linux ?Advantage of using Kali Linux

What is Kali Linux ?Advantage of using Kali Linux

Posted by khilesh Singh

Dated 10 November 2020

Friends, if you have interest in CYBER SECURITY or you feel good to know about cyber security or you want to  learn about  cyber security so must definitely hear about Kali Linux.

But do you know what is Kali Linux and what is its basic usage and what are the benefits of using it, then in this article today I am going to tell you about all these, then you must read this article till the end.

So hello guys i’m SID and welcome to the word of cyber security.

* What is Kali Linux

Friends, in the world of internet and cyber security you must have heard about Kali Linux. Now in such a way, there will be a question in your mind that after all this is Kali Linux, then you tell me about it.

Friends Basically Kali Linux is an operating system Which you can install in your computer or laptop system, the way you use window 7, window 8, window 10, or window XP in your computer system, in the same way Kali Linux also contains an operating  system which you can install in your computer or laptop system and can do it.

Friends Kali Linux is a disturber version of Linux which is absolutely free and whom you can download in free from the internet and install it in free and use it in your laptop or computer system.

Now there are many  in such a way, some are good, some are bad and some are both good and bad, all cyber security users use this software for our security and penetrations testing.

* Advantage of Kali Linux

So tell me about it for  example, suppose you are doing distenary attack on a website, then for that you have to create a distenary formation tool and for which you will have to do very long coding or you should have good coding of python.

So all these things will hurt your head and will spoil too much of your time, so basically inside Kali Linux you get all these things and tools already made.

That is, you do not need to write code for any tool that is the basic code, you do not need to retype it, just you have to open that tool, after that you have to open that tool, then you can do it according to your own  Can customize.

And penetration testing at an advanced level can also be done by any website can check the security of any website or can also be penetration testing in any website.

This is the biggest advantage of Kali Linux, that is the biggest advantage that you will find many types of tools that will be made beforehand, i.e. you do not need to work harder.

You will find a lot of tools there that you can do penetration testing or you can learn, if you want to learn cyber security or if you have interest in learning  then you should know about all these.

So you must now understand what is Kali Linux and what is its basic use and what are the benefits of doing it in use, then if you like this article in today’s article, then like it, please share it  If you have any question that you want to ask us, then below is a comment box, by commenting, you can ask us about it, if you want to message me personally, you can follow us on social media account and you can also follow our YouTube channel.  Must also subscribe.

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