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What is Instagram-Bot ? How to Install Instagram-Bot in your Termux

What is Instagram-Bot ? How to Install Instagram-Bot in your Termux

Hey guys thatshacker is back again, in this Artical i will show you how to install Instagram-Bot in your termux.

There will be hardly any of you who do not use Instagram or would not know about it, so if you use Instagram, this tool can prove to be very useful for you because with the help of it you can use your Instagram  Will you be able to manage the account or said that this tool will work like the manager of your Instagram, is it not amazing, then today we will know about what it is and how to install it in your termux till the last  Stay.

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* What is Instagram-Bot ?

This is an automatic boat of termux, which is designed to manage your Instagram account, by using it you can increase unlimited likes, comments and followers on your Instagram, in addition you can also unfollow the rest of the accounts with one click.  There is a way you can also call this assistant of your Instagram and I have described the entire process of its installation below and have also provided a command list, so you can enjoy it by installing it from there.

* How to install Instagram-Bot

To install it, you have to put the following command list below on your termux’s app, after which it will be installed, apart from this you can also install these commands on your termux by copy-pasting from here.

> This is the command list :-

pkg up -y

pkg install git -y

pkg install nodejs -y

git clone https://github.com/ikiganteng/bot-igeh

cd bot-igeh

unzip node_modules.zip

npm install instagram-private-api

npm audit fix

node index

This commands is for install instagram bot tools in termux, with the help of this tools you can auto unfollow, auto follow, auto likes, auto comment and much more.

If you are facing error while installing any tool tell us on our Comment Box I definitely trying to solve your problem.

Disclaimer :- Do not use this tool to do any harm to anyone, if you do this then you will be responsible for it yourself.

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