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What is Developer Option on Mobile Android ? Who to Enable Developer option

 What is Developer Option on Mobile Android ? Who to Enable Developer option

What is Developer Option on Mobile Android ? Who to Enable Developer option

Updated by khilesh Singh

Dated 26 October 2020

In today’s article I will tell you about the developer option of Android Mobile and how can you be enable in your phone. I will tell you.

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So friends if you use an Android then you know the some about the developer option that happens in every Android system but it is as an Hidden Feature that the Android system is advance setting option.And you will not know much about the logo and in their Dimak, it has also been a question that what is the developer option and what is the use of it, you will read this post to the last.

• what is Developer Options ?

We talk about the developer option, what is it, so let’s know about it. You get to see the developer option in all Android phones, but it is hidden in your phone and it is an advance setting option of Android, to do this to promise the performance of software developer or mobile developer mobile.  You can use the hidden features of your mobile and can increase the performance of your phone, along with it you can stop any app from here, with the help of this you can also install a custom ROM in your phone.  With the help of this you can root the phone and connect it to the operating systems of the computer.So let’s now know about its advantages.

Advantage of Developer options

01. When you routin your Android phone then you have to enable your mobile developer options to connect to the computer only when the computer finds your Android systems.

02. With the help of developer options you can increase your gaming experience because with the help of this you will be able to play high graphics games in your phone, as well as increase the speed of gaming.

03. If the speed of your phone is not good and your system’s app takes too much time to open, then you can increase the animation speed by going into developer mode and make your system faster.

04.  With the help of Developer Option, you can also take information about Rome of your Android Apps.

05. You also need the developer option to change the ROM of your system and through this you can also install custom ROM for your system.

• How to Enable Developer Options in Mobile ?

To enable the developer options of your phone, you have to first go to the mobile settings, after that you have to go to the setting about Divice, then you have to go to the software info and tap or press the build version 7 times.

Settings > About Divice > software info > Build version

After this, you have a message show in which it is written that your developer option is enabled after this, the developer option of your Android system is enabled and after that you can use its hidden features.

So friends, that’s all you get for today. In the next article, how do you like this post?

Thank you so much.

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