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Track Location using Termux । How to Install Seeker Tool in Termux

Track Location using Termux । How to Install Seeker Tool in Termux

Hey Guys thatshacker is back again with another artical ,in this Artical I show How you can install the seeker tool in termux, The tool mainly used for location tracking,And will know how to trace someone’s location with the help of this tool and how to install this tool in your termux.

Track Location using Termux । How to Install Seeker Tool in Termux

And all the commands that I will use in the installation of this tool, you will find below.  You can install this tool by copy paste from there very easily.So let’s first know about the Seeker tool what is it?

* What is Seeker Tool ?

This is a tool of termux with the help of which you will be able to trace a location. This tool has been given by thewhiteh4t, which you will get full information on GitHub.

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* How to Install Seeker Tool  in Termux

First of all open your termux and type the following command to update your Termux repository

$ apt update && apt upgrade -y

After typing command hit enter and wait for the process to be finished if the following pop-up will appear then simply type N and hit enter the termux works repository has been updated. Now we need to install git,curl,PHP and python by typing the following command

$ apt install git curl php python

By using this command, all these repositories will be installed together as soon as you type it in your termux, after that you have to click on the enter, after which the whole process will start from 5 to 10 minutes to complete its process.  It may take time till you wait.The next command that you need to type after this process is.

$ git clone https://github.com/thewhiteh4t/seeker

After typing the command hit enter and wait for cloning to be finished hence seeker toola has been cloned into the termux.

Now type the following command to go into the seeker directory

$ ls

$ cd seeker

$ ls

Now we need to give permission to read write and execute to install.sh file by typing the following command

$ bash install.sh

After typing this command, we have to wait until its installation, then we have to install python 2 after this and for which we have to give this command.

$ python2 seeker.py -t manual 

As soon as you type it, you may be asked to install another package, this will let you know which package is not installed in your termux, it will tell you the termux itself.

As soon as we are prompted to install this package of python2, then we give this command.

$ pkg install python2

This process also takes a little time to be done, about 5 to 10 minutes, it depends on your internet speed. then again you type this command 

$ ls

After which its file opens, after which we have to type the following command here

$ python3 seeker.py -t manual 

Even after typing it, we have to intercept it, after which you will see that our seeker tool is installed.

After installing it, an error will come, let me tell that before that we gave the command, it checks dependencies there after that you will say that the package shs is not installed, then you have to install it simply and its  For this, you have to type the command below and click on enter.
$ pkg install openssh
 So after this, your seeker tool is completely installed and apart from this, if you encounter any error then you can ask us in the comment box and you can explore its working process yourself, so today’s article  That’s all you get in the next article with a new tool till then goodbye…

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