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Top 10 Best Tools For Termux

Top 10 Best Tools For Termux 

So Hello Friends, I am thatshacker and once again I have brought some amazing tools of termux in this post today I am going to tell you about the top 10 tools of termux, in addition we will also know how you  Can install in your termux and what error can you read to face in its installation and how it can be solved, then let’s start this series of today’s top 10 best termux tools.

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01. MetaSploit

When it comes to the best termux tools, the first number is MetaSploite.This is a very popular and powerful tool for penetration testing, most people use it to run Android hacking and exploit, basically it is Frameworks, it is mostly used by hackers and penetration testers and this framework is a lot of exploits and exorcisms.  With the help of this, you can explore Android, Windows and many more such things, if it comes to its installation process then it is very easy to process, if you have to install it, then your phone will have up to 800 MB of space. You should also have 1gb of data, whenever you install it, you have given the installation command below, so from there you can easily install this tools by copy-pasting it in your termux.

> Command list

pkg update && pkg upgrade

pkg install git curl wget nmap -y

curl -LO raw.githubusercontent.com/Hax4us/Metasploit_termux/master/metasploit.sh

chmod 777 metasploit.sh



02. Sqlmap

Second comes sqlmal so this tool is used to extract sql injection valibrities and excess valibrities as well as do an exploit and if you have any valibriti site then simply put it inside this tool  You can get the information inside, now it is very easy to install its, installation commands will be found below, you can easily copy paste from it and install it on your termux.

If you install it, you will not get any error if it comes due to your internet, then you will get your data speed and install it again.

> Command list

pkg update && pkg upgrade

pkg install git 

pkg install python

git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap

cd sqlmap

python sqlmap.py

03. Nmap

Nmap comes in the third number, it is a network mapping tool. It is used to scan pods, so if you have a website and you want to check its pods which pods are open and closed, then you can simply use this tool.  You can find it by using it and protect your website from being hacked. This is a very useful tool. A lot of panetesters use it and it is very popular in termux and it is quite easy to install. You will get all the commands below.

> Command list

apt update && apt upgrade -y

pkg install nmap -y

nmap Scanme.nmap.org


nmap -A nmap

nmap -p 80

nmap -p 80 443

nmap -sP

nmap -F

nmap -V

04. Social Engineer Toolkit

Social Engineering Toolkit arrives at 4th number, it is an advanced framework, it provides us with many advanced air attacks of social engineering such as phishing etc. And I will tell you the post and have given the commands for its installation below, so go quickly and install it in your termux.

> Command list

pkg install curl -y

curl -LO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Hax4us/master/setoolkit.sh

sh setoolkit.sh

cd setoolkit

./setup.py install


05. Tool-X

I have told you a lot about it before. This is a tool that stores more than 300 hacking tools. If you have to install a lot of hacking tools in one click, you can do that through Tool X, you just need to install a tool here.  It is very easy to install, you just have to install git inside your termux, below you will also get the commands so that you will be able to install it.

> Command list

pkg update && pkg upgrade

pkg install git 

git clone https://github.com/Rajkumardusad/Tool-X.git

cd Tool-X

chmod +x install.aex


06. Zphisher

I have already told you about this so I will not tell you much here, it is a basically phishing tool and upgraded version of Sellphish, if you did not know about it before, there was a tool called Sailfish which had a lot of bucks in Phishing, due to which By upgrading it, the zphisher tool has been created, removing all the bucks of sellphish, so if you have to install this then the following commands are given below. This is a very good tool for phishing.

> Command list

pk byg up -y

pkg install git -y

pkg install curl -y

pkg install php -y

pkg install openssh -y

git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher

cd zphisher

chmod 777 zphisher.sh

bash zphisher.sh

07. Fsociety

Fsociety comes at 7th number. This is a basic toolkit for penetration testing, it contains many tools which are used in penetration testing. If you want to do penetration testing, then you can go with a Fsociety because everyone wants to install it because It is very easy to use, so its commands are given below.

> Command list

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

pkg install git

git clone https://github.com/Manisso/fsociety

cd fsociety

chmod +x fsociety.py

pkg install python

pkg install python2

pip2 install requests

python2 fsociety.py

08. Hydra

Hydra is the next powerful tool to attack bruteforce within termux, it provides us with many bruteforce attacks such as telnet bruteforce, ssh bruteforce, ftp bruteforce, gmail bruteforce, and more. Gives it is very easy to install, below you will get the command list.

> Command list

apt-get update -y

apt-get upgrade -y

pkg install hydra


09. Seeker

I have also told you about this, you can go to the section under termux and check here, here I tell you some basic things about it. It is used to find the exact location of Victim, we provide a PhP based page. We can create some links using ngrok and server.net and if you share those links, then you get the exact location and its installation command is given below and install it now.

> Command list

apt update && apt upgrade -y

apt install git curl php python

git clone https://github.com/thewhiteh4t/seeker

cd seeker

bash install.sh

python2 seeker.py -t manual

pkg install python2

python3 seeker.py -t manual

pkg install openssh

10. Easyhack

This series has our last tool, it is easyhack, use this tool to scanning network, information gathering, exploiting and even quite besides it is usable for penetration testing,There are many such popular tools available inside this tool which can use some commands by applying some commands, along with metasploit, Sqlmap, Red Hawk, NMAP and more like this.And such more ethical hacking tools are available so you can also process some attacks by using Easyhack, such as cracking the website hacking and password, it is very easy to install below.

> Command list

apt install git

apt install python

git clone https://github.com/sabri-zaki/EasY_HaCk.git

cd EasY_HaCk

sh install.sh

So guys, which ends the series of Termux’s Top 10 Tools, then you will definitely install it and use it because it can take it to Next Level in your ethical hacking.

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