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Termux-Megapackage | Top 20 Tools of Termux

Termux-Megapackage | Top 20 Tools of Termux 

Termux-Megapackage | Top 20 Tools of Termux
Updated by khilesh singh
Dated 16 November 2020

Hi Guys In This Article will show you the best of Termux Tools one of you guy suggested me to make a tool that will install all the tools in just one click so we made a tool name termux-megapackage that will help you install all the tools  in just one click in termux.  This Article is just for installing the tool i have not shown the usage of the tool will make a personal Artical for every tool in future.  So Dont Forget to SUBSCRIBE and Follow !!!

So in this article today we will know
• what is Megapackage
• Installation Termux-Megapackage
• screenshot
• Advantages of Termux-Megapackage
• Note

     What is Megapackage?

    Its Hard to Install Every Huge Tool like Metasploit, Kali Nethunter Rootless and Other Neccesarry Tools Together in Click. So We Thought to Build a Package where you Guys Can Install all this Just in Click But thats not only Feature of this Megapackage. We guys also have include a GodeMode(Termux-Black) Which Slightly reduce the error of unlocated package because of little change in sources.list Which make this Termux-Megapackage as Good as Heaven for Termux User.

     Installation Termux-Megapackage

    >Commands for termux

    • termux-setup-storage
    • pkg update && pkg upgrade && pkg install git -y
    • git clone https://github.com/Bhaviktutorials/Termux-Megapackage
    • ls
    • cd Termux-Megapackage
    • ls
    • chmod +x *
    • ./install.sh
    • m-pkg

    Termux-Megapackage | Top 20 Tools of Termux
    Termux-Megapackage | Top 20 Tools of Termux

      Advantages of Termux-Megapackage

    01. With the help of this megatool you will be able to install the top 20 types of tools of Termux.
    02. With the help of this tool you will be able to install the top tools of Termux with just one click.
    03. All the tools used in this is very useful for Termux users.
    04. If you install all the tools mentioned in it and learn how to use it, then you will become an expert of Termux.

     NOTE :- While installing this tool, you have to put all the commands in your Termux’s own step By step. You also have to take care of Alfabets as well as in this tool that you will get 20 types of tools in it installed from one step.
    In this tool you will get 20 types of tools, from which you have to enter the number in front of any tool to install it, then click on the inter, after which that tool will start installing. In this way you can install all the tools present in it and use them.
    Apart from this, if you face any kind of problem in its insatllition, then you can ask me by commenting.
    So that’s all in today’s article.thank you guys reading this article.

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