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T-Phish Tool on Termux | NO ROOT | Best Tool for Termux | by SID

   T-Phish Tool on Termux | NO ROOT | Best Tool for Termux|by SID

         T-Phish Tool on Termux | NO ROOT | Best Tool for Termux | by SID

Updated by khilesh

Dated 14 October 2020

 what’s up Cyber users and pen testers SID here back again with another useful article today in this Article we are going to install chief fish in our TERMUX terminal emulator.

* What is T-fish

 T-fishes is a great tool for creating phishing pages the phishing attack is going all-time-high on the internet most of the  on the Cyber workers phishing pages to find out your credentials.

* How does it work

 these types of attacks are done by just sending links and provoking customer to click on the link the main intention of this attack to steal the username and passwords bank credentials and other confidential. 

information these password stealing attacks realy on tricking users into entering their passwords into a convincing fake web page and they have become increasingly easy to make thanks to tools like adv Fisher.

* About T-FISH

 T-fish is an advanced phishing toolkit.it is an upgraded version of adv Fisher it has the main source code from ADP Fisher but T fish has some upgrade and has removed some unnecessary codes from adv Fisher it is developed by myself T fish can be run from Kali Linux and also can be run from Android devices using products let’s see how we can configure on use T fishing in art or books.

* How to install and use

 first open your terminal and upgrade it by following this command 

This is the command list

$ apt-get update -y

$ apt-get upgrade -y

$ pkg install git -y

$ git clone  https://github.com/Stephin-Franklin/T-Phish

$ ls

$ cd T-Phish

$ ls

$ unzip T-Phish

$ cd T-Phish

$ unzip T-Phish.zip

$ chmod 777 start.sh

$ ./start.sh

$ ./phish.sh

Below, I will give you the download button to download this command, which you can download from there.


 now install get by following this command if you didn’t installed now download the tool form github by following this command this process will take some time depending on your internet speed after successfully cloned change the directory to it  now we need to end it the zip file for this process follow his command now you can see the zip file is successfully unzipped now change the directory to it  then we need to install it using the start.sh before that assign execute permission to the Installer script by applying this command finally we can run the Installer script by this command.

 then it will start installing the dependencies this process will take some time depending on your internet speed  after successfully installed we can run this tool by following this command remember. 

when you use this to help make sure you are using mobile data and your bust belt is on otherwise this tutor will not work properly excellent

 now we have successfully run the script here we can see sixteen fishing templates but all templates will may not work let us select an option for test the turtle has been started it will give you a link generated by MGR okay port forwarding service automatically we can see our link created on MGR okay now send this link to our victim by SMS or mail or by any other way with some catchy social engineering technique.

 when the users no fins the link it will ask to enter credentials and the page will be similar to the original Facebook logging if our victim inputs the username and password then we not the credentials of our user now it can be used to login to the user Facebook account there are a lot of different tools.

 we can use to compromised devices but this tool is a little different from them every cyber method requires a little skill in social engineering you can’t completely depend on tools to do all of your work how to be secure.

 he conformed about fishing techniques think before you click on any links URL install in any fishing toolbar check your online accounts regularly keep your browser up-to-date use firewalls be wary of popups use antivirus software what’s your idea about this tool inform us in the comment box below and if you have any idea for future article send me a message on Instagram thanks for reaching good-bye.

Note:- To generate a link, you have to keep in mind that if your mobile hotspot is on, the link will not be generated if the hotspot is not on.

And if you have any kind of problem in the installation of this tool, then you can ask me by commenting, I will definitely help you and follow me on social media as well as subscribe to my YouTube channel and support.  

Thank you…

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