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PUBG New State Finally Released – Gameplay and features

PUBG New State Finally Released – Gameplay and features

PUBG’s  new game New State has been released today, what are the features of the game, what is its basic oreo and how to download it and what can we do, today we will talk about all these things, you will find it on play store but  Right now many people are getting the problem of connecting server if it is enabled, it is coming because with its release, many people started downloading it and due to this there is more load on the server then you need to worry.  No brother after some time you will be able to download it.

The pre-registration of this game was started from 2 months ago and there was a lot of hype among the people so we thought that you should also be informed about it.

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* Pubg new state features

As soon as you open it, the features will look like fruits to a great extent, in this you can play on max graphics also pubg has tried to improve the graphics to a great extent in this new state, its texture has also improved a lot in it.  You will also see the player’s sado, apart from this you will also get to see the new feature of give up.

In this, you will get to see the menu and settings similar to the old pubg, in this you will get to see some good layout of the button, notifications and other things also you will see similar in it.

It will work on a different server, so it is not as if you will be able to log in with the old pubg ID, to play it you will have to login with the new ID, as well as the BGI which was launched before this, you can only  Could play in India but you will be able to play it all over the world.

* PUBG New State Gameplay

In this, along with the new game, you get to see a new map as well, in which cars and parachutes are also seen differently, you will get the updated plane in the game, you will feel normal in the game here, so if I tell you then  I found this game very updated of pubg and the best thing is that you can play it internationally and there is a lot of improvement in graphics and when you play the game, you will also get the 3D feeling.  All these things have been upgraded a lot and what is sado, so you will also enjoy playing, there is a slight difference, then to a large extent, new vehicles have been added electric and a new one Tram has been added.  Gaya, which keeps moving around the map, apart from this you can take animes in your squad, apart from this you also get to see the system with drones, so that you can trace the location of animes, apart from this many more  Small addons have also been added, I played it, I enjoyed it a lot, you must also play it and see how it is.  Please share your experience.

Thank you !!!

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