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Petition filed against WhatsApp in Supreme Court

 Petition filed against WhatsApp in Supreme Court

Petition filed in WhatsApp against WhatsApp,Accusations of data theft by deception.CAIT filed a petition in the Supreme Court.Demand to withdraw new privacy policy.Ensure privacy of citizens and businesses is protected -CAIT

Petition filed against WhatsApp in Supreme Court

Nowadays the controversy over WhatsApp has increased the concern of the people And there has been a sudden decline in the popularity of WhatsApp.So fear can also be seen in the people there.Everyone is worried about the privacy policy of WhatsApp or not that their WhatsApp chat and all the things do not reach others.The matter has now reached the Supreme Court regarding WhatsApp.

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Let us tell you that CAIT (the Confederation of all India traders) has filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding WhatsApp. The petition demanded that WhatsApp withdraw its new privacy policy, The organization says that WhatsApp’s privacy policy will interfere with people’s privacy.It is also said that the new policy will interfere with many basic rights of the people.The petition also said that the central government should issue guidelines to control such big technology companies and issue new guidelines for the protection of citizens and businesses.

The petition also mentions the difference between the European Union and India’s WhatsApp privacy policy and large technology companies may misuse users’ data.

WhatsApp has extended the deadline to implement a new privacy policy

After the petition was filed in the Supreme Court, WhatsApp extended the deadline to implement the new privacy policy by three months and the same policy is being opposed, due to which many of its uses are shifting towards competing apps like Telegram and Signal.  Let us tell you that the new privacy policy of WhatsApp was to be implemented from February 8, but now it has been extended till May 15, the company has written on its blog that we have full time to read and accept these terms.  So we have extended the date. This means that no account will be suspended or deleted on February 8, we will take many more steps to remove the misinformation that is spreading about WhatsApp privacy.  People will be asked to review the privacy, they will also be given full time for this. Business options will be available from May 15.

However, after criticism on the new policy, the company has also clarified that they say that this policy does not threaten the private messages of the users, ie the roof will be completely safe with the family or friends, WhatsApp has used all the  Till now, he had put a status to give his cleaning so that he can maintain his popularity, although he has removed it later, now it will also be seen that what will be the impact of the new policy on WhatsApp, this policy.  Whether WhatsApp will be able to maintain its popularity even after.

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