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How to Recover Deleted Files or Data

How to Recover Deleted Files or Data

Hello friends my name is Khilesh and you are all welcome on my blog thatshacker in today’s article I will tell you how you can restore deleted files. Sometimes it happens that if you have some important file, it gets deleted by mistake or it gets encrypted from your memory, then today I will tell you how to bring it back to your PC and if you have similar ethical hacking,  If you like to know about cyber security and Android’s tips, tricks and amazing apps, then we must follow and join our telegram channel.

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How to Recover Deleted Files or Data

So let’s go ahead in today’s article, first of all you have to download Wondershare Recoverit software by clicking on the download button given below,

How to Recover Deleted Files or Data

To Recover the Deleted Files you have to do this on your PC or laptop, after which you have to open it, but you have many options. You will be able to see that this is your computer’s hard drive, its local disk remains C, so you people can recover the data from here, if you people have accidentally deleted it, I have a recycle bin then what happens sometimes?  Sometimes there is a Recycle Bin, you can download your deleted data from there, now if you people have blown away the data from the Recycle Bin, now you people do not have that data or video or photo in their computer, they do not have any file from the computer. If it has been deleted then you can go to the Recycle Bean and recycle the data which was in the Recycle Bin or you people had kept something on the desktop, that too got deleted or got deleted from any specific place, then you can also recover it.  can do,

But if you want to recover any data that has been deleted from your hard disk or memory card, then you have to connect your memory card to your computer, after which your memory files will appear in that software, after that what you have to do  To recover your files, first you have to open this software, now you have to select your memory file, as soon as you select it, it will start scanning, it may take time, it depends on how much you have  The data was, how heavy the data was, then you have to wait for at least 15 minutes when the scan will be done, all those files will come in your memory which used to be in your memory and with the help of this software all that data can come back.  If yes, then you can recover your important data from here.

To recover, you have to select that file, after which you have to select that file wherever you want to recover that file, after that you click on the recover button, after which your file will start recovering.  It can take a lot of time, it also depends on your data, it will be in 5 to 15 minutes, after which automatically the folder will open where you have recovered that file, after that you can see that your file is recovered.

Now you people must have got an idea that how to use this software, now how else can this software help you, so I told you that the file which has been deleted or your memory card has been formatted.  How to recover its files, now I am going to tell you about its advanced feature, if your computer has crashed or a virus has come inside it, then how can you recover all the data from the crashed computer.  That is, it can recover a lot of data and apart from this, you have a video lying which has been crumpled, which used to play fruit, now a virus has come inside it, due to which it does not play now, then you can use this software.  You can also recover it with the help of this software, you also get the option of video repair under this software, then you go and select your crept video here, then it will start repairing that means that the video is fine.  If this option does not work, then you can also go to the video recovery option, then you guys send me a comment.  In the question, definitely tell how you would like to use this software and hope that you will enjoy this article today and you must have learned something new and if you want to be more connected with me then join our telegram channel  Do it and if you want to ask any question from me, then you can ask by commenting.

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