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How to Make Money Online in 2021

 How to Make Money Online in 2021

Hello friends, are you also searching in Google or YouTube in this lockdown to find out how to earn money online and you are upset and are unable to find the right way to earn money online, then this article is just for you because  I have tried all the ways to earn money online as mentioned in this article, so if you are interested in earning money online, then this article must last and do not lose the opportunity to earn money online because if you follow these methods  Then you will start earning money in 2021

   So without losing your time, let’s start here, I will share you not one, but many ways that you can earn money online.

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01. Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard about affiliate marketing, but there will be many people among you who will not know about it and in your mind, the question will be that what is affiliate marketing?

 So I will answer this question through an example here. Suppose you have a big company or a big store and you have to make your products reach the people, then the first thing you can do for your store or company or your  You will advertise the products and the other work that you will do is that you will keep workers for your company and will give them the responsibility of selling the products to sell your products, instead of giving them some salary, affiliate marketing is also something in which  You have to join any company as an affiliate and if that company gives you some commission on getting your products sold, then this is it and you can join it by going online and it is absolutely free and you will get the products  Packing and delivery need to worry about someone is new, it is the responsibility of the company, you just have to get the product sold.

 You can join a big company like Amazon, Flipkart as an affiliate and earn good commission by selling their products online, so you can earn money through affiliate marketing.

02. YouTube Partner Program

All of you will know about YouTube and many of you will also know how to make money from YouTube, but tell those people who do not know that you get viwes money in YouTube.  And for that you have to fulfill some YouTube policy, after which you are elligibal for YouTube partner program, for this you have to complete 1000 subscribers of your YouTube channel and 4000 hours of watch time, after which you will have to watch your YouTube  The channel has to apply for monetization and make an acoount of Google Adsense, so in this way you can earn money from YouTube, today there are many people who are earning millions of rupees a month only from YouTube and they can do it  Growing your online business as a full time career.

03. Blogging

Now the third way is blogging in which you have to share your thoughts in your language as an article or by writing this article about which you have very good knowledge, in this also you get money from Google Adsense and some policy  You also have to complete it, in this you have to create some important pages and together you have to buy a domain name, as well as you have to buy a hosting, in this you get two main platforms, one is WordPress and the other is Blogger which you  Currently, it is made on Blogger, which is a free platform, in which you get hosting for free and it is a Google product, but in this you have to buy domain name, whereas wordpress is not like this, you have to buy both hosting and domain name.  If you are a beginner, then you can start with Blogger, then it is a matter of blogger in which you can earn money by writing articles and in this you also get money to show Google Adsense aids on your site.

04. Dropshipping

Now what we are going to talk about is dropshipping, very few people know about it, but let me tell you that this is also a very good way to earn money online, by which you can earn money in lakhs, for this you have a own  You have to build an online store, but for this you have to invest some money in it and you do not need to physically put products in it and also you do not have to worry about delivery in it, you have to install their products from suppliers in your store.  And the rest is the responsibility of the suppliers and in this you can keep the rate of the products according to you, in this way you can reduce the money from this, in addition you can also show the products of USA company AliExpress in your store and also you  There is a need to buy a domain name and you can create this store from shopify in which you have to plan for it and you also get 14 days trial in Suruati, then you sign up in shopify now and earn money online.

05. Freelancer

Now we are going to talk about freelancer, tell me about it, you get a lot of online jobs in it, so you can search your jobs online according to your skills, you can register by going to fever.com  Here you get a lot of jobs like designer, typers, logo maker and data entry, then you can complete the job search according to your category here and you can earn money.

 So I have shared with you some such best method that you can earn very well in this lockdown sitting at home, so if you want to know about all these from the details then definitely tell in the comment and how did you like this article  Even if I tell you, that’s all we get for today, thanks in the next article.

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