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How to Install Vulnx Tool in Termux

How to Install Vulnx Tool in Termux 

Hello friends, welcome to all of you, on this blog, today we will know about Vulnx tool, what is it and how you can install it in your termux and many more information you need to know about termux and ethical hacking here.


If you get then definitely stay with us, so let’s first know what is Vulnx tool.

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* What is Vulnx Tool 

This is a very popular tool to find and exploit them, if you have your own website and you want to increase the security of your site, then with the help of this tool you can do that.Apart from this, with the help of this tool, you can also get complete information about any site, it is based on shell injector.

* How to install Vulnx Tool

To install this tool, you just have to run some commands on your termux, after which you can install it, you will find the commands needed below which you can copy directly from our site and paste it on your termux.  You can easily install this tool.

* Installation commands of Vulnx Tool 

apt update

apt install git

apt install python

git clone https://github.com/anouarbensaad/VulnX

cd vulnx

chmod +x install.sh


With this command, this tool will be installed in your termux, after that you can use it and whenever you have to run it, you can run it by typing Vulnx, so that’s all for today I hope you know about VulnX  You must have liked all the information given in it.   If you like, stay with us for all the information related to similar ethical hacking, cyber security and termux and we do not forget to join telegram and facebook, there we keep giving information related to modded app and ethical hacking, so let’s meet  on next post.

Note :-  All the information given here is given from the education purpose, if you use it to harm or harass anyone, then our site will not be responsible for it.

Thank you !!!

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