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How to Install Trape in Termux

How to Install Trape in Termux  

Hello friends I am thatshacker and welcome all of you to our blog so today in this post I will tell you about tarp tool how you can install trap tool inside your termux without any error.

How to Install Trape in Termux

If you will go to any website or watch any you tube video from which you will install termux, then you will get different ways, you will not get a single right way, you can install it but you will not be able to run successfully because when you hit the trap  If you install some other way inside your termux, then there are some important things that are not installed properly, so in today’s article, by installing this tool through GitHub, I will tell you that you need to install something different.  No, you are going to install python,git and this official tool without any error inside your termux so if you don’t want any error while installing then stay with us.

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First of all let’s know what is this tool and what is its use.

> What is Trape

This tool is usually based on OSINT tool that is designed to trace for cyber criminal incidents, generally a large company trace its customers through it and helps them on the basis of their need.

> How to install Trape

To install trape tool, you have to run some commands inside your termux, which you can easily copy and paste from our site, all the commands you will find below and apart from this you will need a good data connection, then you  git, python will also have to be installed, whose commands you will also find below, then go below for further commands.

> Installation commands for Trape

apt update

apt install git

apt install python

apt install python3

git clone https://github.com/jofpin/trape


cd trape


pip install -r requirements.txt


python3 trape.py

As soon as you enter the last command, this tool will start, I did not face any problem in its installation, if you come, it may come to Python, if you come across any error, then tell me in the comment section, I will tell the solution.

Initially, if you have to see the intorduction about this tool, then if you have to run this tool then you have to click the intermediate, as soon as you interact, you will be able to see that Termux Successful runs.

Now to run this tool further, we will get the token of ngrok and after giving the token of ngrok, we will also have to give some API and you will get many more steps ahead which may be difficult to do or you will also face some error.   So if you want to know its full details then you can join our telegram channel there I will solve all your problem so guys if you like similar information related to cyber security and ethical hacking then contact us on Facebook and  Connected by telegram I hope you have understood the information given by us, so that’s all we get for today, on the next article.

• Note :-The information given by us is only given by education only if it uses any criminal way, it will be responsible for it.

Thank you !!!

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