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How to install sms-scammer in Termux | Send SMS and Message Using Termux

How to install sms-scammer in termux ।। Send SMS and Message Using Termux for free – thatshacker

Hey Guys welcome to our blog in this article i will explain you how to send sms and messages using termux or How to install sms scammer in Termux for free, and i provide you all commands to install this tool and if you are interested about ethical hacking , cybersecurity, and unusual Apps so don’t forget to follow up so lets know about this tool.

How to install sms-scammer in Termux ।। Send SMS and Message Using Termux - thatshacker

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>How to send free sms and messages in Termux

To use it, you have to download the termux app on your phone from the play store and apart from this, you must also use the hackers keyboard, if you use termux regularly, then after this you have given the command below.  Simply copy and paste it on your termux, after which you can send SMS and messages for free after the tool is installed.

> What is sms-scammer Tool

This tool is mainly used to send spam sms and messages in termux, it is absolutely free tool, with the help of which you can send as much sms as you want for free or you can also prank with anyone but and in this to send sms.  If there is no charge, then you must install this tool on your termux app and harass your friends by sending spam sms but do not use it to harm anyone in any way, use it only with friends.  For fun, below are the complete information and commands about installing it, as well as the flying app required to install it.> How to install sms-scammer in Termux

To install the sms scammer tool in your termux app, you have to copy and paste all the following commands one by one from the site on your termux.

>Here is the command list :-

apt install python git -y

git clone https://github.com/sanif007/sms-scammer

pip install requests

cd sms-scammer


chmod +x *


python sms.py

After putting this command on your termux, this tool will be installed, it will take some time to install, it may take up to 10 minutes, so do not take much tension, after that you have to write the number of SMS you want to send on this tool here.  Enter the number of the SMS, then enter the number with the country code to which you want to send the SMS.  Now type the message you want to send to that number, like I want to send hello, then I write hello, after that you have to enter, you will see that the message has started sending, so in this way whatever you  And you can send SMS to any number you want to send.

I hope you have been given the information given by me and you will have a value provide in this blog so stay with us.

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