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How to install sherlock in termux || Instagram. Info || BY SID

   How to install sherlock in termux || Instagram. Info || BY SID

How to install sherlock in termux || Instagram. Info || BY SID

Updated by khilesh singh

Date 22 October 2020

Hello friends….

Welcome to the world of Cyber security

So friends, in this article today, I will tell you the process of installation of Sherlock, with the help of which you can do the information of any Instagram user and that too only by filling his / her username, let’s start without wasting time.

And before you, I would like to request that if you have not seen the video that has not seen the video then you will definitely see the video of its installation by visiting my youtube channel and go to Subscribe.

So before we talk about what Sherlock is.

• what is Sherlock

Sherlock Termux is a tool that can help you know the full detail of an Instagram User that which account is in his social network, in a way, with the help of your username this way you find about 110 sites with the help of your username And his entire detail reaches you and works on a program like Tool Python.

• Requirements for installation

For its installation first you have to download Termux’s app then filling the all commands Which is given below

This is the command list

>> pkg install git

>> pkg install python

>> git clone https://github.com/sherlock-project/sherlock

>> cd sherlock

>> pip install beautifulsoup4

>> pip install bs4

 >> pip install certifi 

>> pip install colorama

>> pip install PySocks

>> pip install request

>> pip install requests-futures

>> pip install soupsieve

 >> pip install stem

>> pip install torrequest


 >> cd sherlock


 >> chmod +x sherlock.py


>>python sherlock.py username 

You can also download this command file by clicking on the download button below.


In this way, you can install this tool in your termux app and if there is any kind of problem, you can tell me by commenting, I will definitely answer your comment, besides you go to my YouTube channel and watch the video of its installation  Watch the full and subscribe.

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