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How To Install Onex Tool in Termux Without Any Error

Hello friend all of you are welcome on our blog thatshacker today we will know how you can install onex tool in your termux without any error.  I will explain all those things in detail to install this tool and where you can get error and where to solve it and what are the important steps as well as its important commands. so stay with us till the end.

How To Install Onex Tool in Termux Without Any Error

And if you like to know about termux and ethical hacking, then definitely follow us, as well as stay on our blog for similar information, then let’s know about onex.

* What is Onex Tool

Onex is a very powerful tool, there are many tools inside it, in this tool you get all categories of tools, in this you will get Penetration Testing, Password Attack, Exploit, Phishing Attack etc.  So in this way you can use this tool as universal and with this only tool you can install many more tools.

* How to install Onex Tool

For this you have to run some commands inside your termux after which you will be able to access this tool and to install this command you just have to copy the below commands from our site and paste it on your termux app after which  You will be able to run this tool easily

* Installation commands of Onex Tool

apt update

apt upgrade

apt install git

git clone https://github.com/rajkumardusad/onex.git

cd onex


chmod +x *


sh install

Now you can see that this tool has been successfully installed in your termux without any error, then you have to follow this step, after that you have to give one last command to start it which is given below

onex start

As soon as you type this command, you will reach the main directory of onex tool, after which you will be able to access all its tools.

Now if you have come out of this tool or if you have exited from termux and you want to come again inside this tool, then you have to enter the last command on your termux by typing.
So in this way you can easily install this tool by copy-pasting the step by step commands and if you get any error then we can ask by commenting as well as join our telegram channel and facebook page where  We keep giving information related to ethical hacking and mod Apk.
Thank you!!!

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