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How to Install Metasploit Framework 6 On Android Using Termux -thatshacker

Hello friends once again all of you are welcome if you want to use android phone for ethical hacking or penetration testing then today’s article will be very useful because today i will tell you how to install metasploit Framework 6 on android phone.

How to Install Metasploit Framework 6 On Android Using Termux -thatshacker

You can easily see that without any error and without rooting the phone, although there are many limitations of Android phones, you can do ethical hacking in it up to a limit and if the phone is not rooted then this limitation and  If it increases more, then people who do not have PC or laptop, they can learn a lot about ethical hacking from their Android phone itself, they can do ethical hacking and penetration testing on it, many tools can be installed in it.  You can see by visiting our previous post, in this you will find many tools related to ethical hacking which support termux.

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So today we will learn to install Metasploit Framework 6 on Android phone, now I do not need to tell what is metasploit framework 6 and what is its use in hacking and what is this termux, yet the new users who do not know about it, they are previous  If you can see from the post, then without wasting time let’s install.

To install it, first you will open your termux, then after that you will go on putting the below metasploite termux commands there in turn, you will get the list of its commands below.

> Metasploit Termux Commands

apt update

apt upgrade -y

pkg upgrade -y

pkg install wget curl openssh git -y

apt install ncurses -utils

source <(curl -s https://kutt.it/msf)

After this command, the installation will be interested in installing it to be empty at least 1.5 GB in your phone and your data speed should also be good and it may also take 15 -20 minutes.

It depends on your internet speed and the performance of your phone, after that Metasploit will be installed on your phone, I will tell you that you have a step in this sequence, then any type of error will come to your phone.

As soon as this process will be compiled, you can launch metasploit for this that you put the command which is given below.


After that metasploit will be open on you android phone and you will be able to use it, then you saw how easily you can install metasploit without any error then tell friends how did you like this information.

Disclaimer :- You are requested not to use this to harm or harm anyone in any way, if you do something like this, then our site will not be responsible for it.

Thank you !!!

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