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How to Install MaskPhish in Termux

How to Install MaskPhish in Termux

Hello friends, welcome to all of you, on our blog thatshacker, today we will know how you will be able to run easily by installing Maskphish tool in your termux app.

How to Install MaskPhish in Termux

I will also provide you complete installation command, apart from this I will also tell what is maskphish  And how can you use it on your termux and how will you be able to generate a link to maskphish and how to create a mask link of your own, so let’s know what is maskphish without wasting time.

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* What is MaskPhish 

If you have been with our blog from the beginning, then you must know what is phishing and if you do not know it yet, then you can know by typing what is phishing on our blog, this tool is for phishing only.  This tool has been created normally by generating a phishing link which you can send to someone’s social media accounts by WhatsApp or message, so basically if you do this it is known that this phishing link  Therefore, you can send it by hiding it as a mask, so that easily the user will click on that link and you can have his social media account.

*How to install MaskPhish

As usual, to install it, you have to run some commands on your termux, after which you will be able to access this tool and I will provide you the commands for its installation below, which you can easily copy from here and paste it in your termux.  will be able to install.

* Installation commands of MaskPhish

apt upgrade -y

pkg install git

git clone https://github.com/khansaad1275/maskphish


cd maskphish


bash maskphish.sh

After running these commands you will be able to access this tool, after that you have to create your phishing link after which again you now have to create your mask link, after that you will get your mask link which you can now send to your victim.  After that, as soon as the victim clicks on that link, you will be able to hack his social id.

So in this way you will be able to install this tool in your termux I hope you like our post so that’s all for today if you liked our post stay with us and similar ethical hacking and cyber security and  For information related to temux, do not forget to join us on Telegram and Facebook, see you on the next post.

Note :- Do not use this tool to harm anyone in any way, if you do something like this, then our site will not be responsible for it, you will be yourself, this post is posted only and only for education purpose.

Thank you !!!

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