How to Install Hammer Tool in Termux

How to Install Hammer Tool in Termux

Hello friends welcome Back to another ethical hacking and cyber security tutorial in this artical i will tell you about hammer tool and also i will tell you how to install hammer tool in your Termux so stay tuned.

How to Install Hammer Tool in Termux

In today’s tutorial I will tell you how you can install hammer tool in your termux without any error.

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And Friends If you have a old verson termux app then you make it Unistall because it is getting to see the error, so you install a new version of Termux.

> What is Hammer Tool

We can call it a spam tool because with its help you can break that server by sending a lot of requests to the server and can easily enter any server.

> How to install Hammer Tool 

To install hammer tool, you must have termux app, then after that you have to run some commands on it and I will provide you below commands for its installation from where you can copy and paste it to your termux and install it easily can do.

> Installation commands of Hammer Tool 

apt update

apt upgrade

apt install python3

apt install git

apt install dnsutlis

git clone https://github.com/CruzTed/Hammer


cd Hammer

chmod +x *


python3 hammer -py

So in this way you can install hammer tool in your termux app without any error, apart from the last command I have told you, you can know the usage commands of this tool, it is a very small tool so easily and  It will be installed soon, so that’s all for today, I hope this tutorial will be helpful for you and also if you like such information, then definitely connect with us through Facebook and Telegram channel.
> Note :- The information given by us has been given only and only for the purpose of education, so if any kind of criminal incident happens then you will be responsible for it.
Thank you!!!

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