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How to Increase Watch time On Youtube Hack

How to Increase Watch time On Youtube Hack

Hey Guys I’m Back with Another Artical in this artical i will show you how to increase watch time on YouTube fast this is hack trick to increase watch hours and Quick 4000 hours to complete the Watchtime.

How to Increase Watch time On Youtube Hack

If you are a YouTube Creator or you have a YouTube channel, then you will know that you can earn millions of months by uploading video on YouTube And for that you have a monetization policy and there are some criteria that only after completing you can earn money from YouTube, then let’s know about YouTube Monetize Policy.

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> YouTube Monetization Policy

1. Most importantly your channel should have 1000 subscribers and your 4000 hours of watch time should be completed on all your videos.

2. Apart from this, your channel does not violet that the policy of YouTube in any way.

And if you are a YouTube creator, then you will know how hard it takes to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube and if your channel also completes 1000 subscribers then after that 4000 hours of watchtime is a lot.  It becomes a big challenge and it takes more than a year for a new YouTuber to complete it, so today I have come up with a solution for this problem in which I will tell you a trick so that you can watch the watch time on your channel very much.  You can complete it quickly in just 1 month and the method I will tell you is real.And from this trick I myself have Watchtime on my channel.

To know what is the trick and what is the requirement for it.

> Requirements to get Watch Hours fast

1. For this, good data speed should be on your mobile or desktop.

2. You should have 10 different email id. If it is not there, you can easily create it.

3. Apart from this, it is important to have two apps on your mobile

a. UC Turbo Browser

b. Turbo VPN

From UC Turbo Browser’s help you can load multiple pages on your mobile And Turbo VPN will hide your IP address that will save your Browser.

> Trick for get watch hours

You have to download the app that I told you from PlayStore, after that you have to open your UC Turbo browser on which you have to open multiple or 10 web pages and sign in with your 10 different email ID.   After that you have to open YouTube on all of them and go to your channel’s playlist and leave your videos turned on and turn on auto play mode and before doing this you have to connect to Turbo VPN on another server and this you  For one month, your watchhours needs will increase and you will be able to monetize your channel.You have to apply the same trick on the desktop, on which you have to use chrome browser. In this you will be able to cremate more than 100 web pages.

When you do so, you can connect to different servers every time so that youTube will not be able to track you.

So in this way you can complete the watch hours of your channel quickly, so if you liked this trick, then share it with your friends who work on YouTube.

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  1. Bro, 10 different emails from every browser but they are with the same ip, does this gonna work, and how much hours a day so youtube won't detect it

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