How to Increase Instagram Followers Using Termux

How to Increase Instagram Followers Using Termux

Hey Guys welcome to our official blog thatshacker.com In Today’s artical i will tell you about how to increase instgram followers Using Termux, we also provide a termux Commands that’s help to install the insfollow tool they can help to increase your Instagram followers.

How to Increase Instagram Followers Using Termux  -thatshacker

You can also use this tool in kali Linux and other terminals so without wasting any time let’s get started .

So first you can open your Termux tool then they will put the all commands they can given below so you will also copy and paste to put or install these commands in your termux terminal.

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> Script/Commands for Increasing Instagram Followers 

pkg update -y

pkg install git -y

pkg install curl -y

pkg install openssl tool

git clone https://github.com/termuxprofessor/insfollow


chmod +x insfollow.sh




bash insfollow.sh

After these commands, your tool will be installed successfully, this whole process may take at least 10-15 minutes, so you do not need to worry, now you have to run this tool.
And to increase your Instagram followers, you have to click on the 1st option increase followers.
After that you have to enter your username and password, after that you will see login successfully, make sure that your username and password are correct, after that this script starts running.
After this your Instagram followers will start increasing with this tool, it may take time, so you do not have to close it, it automatically starts increasing followers on your Instagram account, also keep in mind that you do not increase more Instagram followers.  Because this is against Instagram policy, which can lead to your account being banned, so you have to keep this in mind, so this is all you get for today, bye till then in the next article and so on ethical  For information related to hacking and termux, definitely join us in facebook and telegram.
Thank you !!!

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