How to Hack Free Fire Using Termux | Installation of Free Fire Phishing Tool

Hello friends, all of you are welcome to our blog thatshacker and this article is going to be very interesting because today we are going to install Free Fire Tool and with the help of which you can hack Free Fire, so let’s know without wasting time. how to install this tool in your termux.

And all the free fire users who use you will know that if we hack or access someone’s free fire or pubg account, it means that we can also access his Facebook account because it is linked to Facebook.  Also, you guys have understood what I am talking about, you must have understood that you are smart.

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* What is Free fire Tool

This tool is basically designed keeping in mind Free Fire, with the help of this you can access many things of Free Fire, as well as you can increase diamonds and many more with the help of this tool, let me tell you more.  no need to tell you are smart.

* Requirements to install Free fire Tool

1. Termux

2. Hackers keyboard

3. Good data network and speed

4. Free space on your phone

5. Commands to install this Tool

You can download Termux and Hackers keyboard from play store and I will provide you the commands for its installation below from where you can copy and paste and install this tool in your termux easily.

* Installation commands of Free fire Tool 

pkg remove game -repo

pkg remove science -repo

apt update

apt upgrade

pkg install git

pkg install wget

git clone https://github.com/OnlineHacking/FreeFire-Phishing

chmod +x*

bash Android-Setup


After that this tool will be completely installed in your termux it takes some time to install it depends on your network speed so now you can use it so that’s all for today i hope you will get this  If you liked the information, do not forget to join us on Telegram and Facebook for similar information related to Termux and ethical hacking.
Disclamer :- Do not use this tool to harm anyone or to disturb anyone if you do anything like that, then you will be responsible for yourself, our blog will not be responsible for its use only and only to the Prank with your friends.
Thank you !!!

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