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How to Download Video in Termux

How to Download Video in Termux

Hello friends, all of you are welcome on your blog thatshacker, today we will know how to download videos in termux, that tool in HD or how to play videos in termux, so if you also want to know like this from termux.

How to Download Video in Termux

The related information stay with us and if you do not know about Termux then you can go to our previous posts and tell in short.

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* What is Bash mp4 Tool

it is a penetration testing and ethical hacking app from which you can use Kali Linux, Metasploit, Brute Force  Many more tools can be run with the help of this.

Apart from this, I will also tell you how you can download music in termux, for this you will have to run some commands in your termux, which you can easily run or install by copying from our site and pasting on your termux and  You will find a list of all these commands below.

* Installation commands of Bash mp4 

apt update

apt install git

apt install python

git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/bash2mp4

cd bash2mp4


chmod +x *


bash setup.sh

After this, as soon as you click enter after typing this last command, you will have to give permission for storage in termux, then you can simply give y type kar permissions or a pop pop message will come which you have to allow.

It may take some time to install, so you have to wait until the process is completed, after which if the option of yes comes again, then you have to type y and click enter after which it will be installed, now to run it  You have to enter b2mp4, now it will be installed without any error, after that you will see 3 options download mp3 or download mp4, then from there you will be able to run any video you want by clicking on that number.  To download, paste its link here and click on enter, after which the video will start downloading and after downloading you will see which folder it has been downloaded on.

In this way it will be saved in your file, which you can see by going to your sd card from termux, which you will be able to see by going to cd / sdcard karke iski directory and from that you will be able to play it too, in this way you can use termux  In this way, any mp4 or mp3 can be downloaded inside it, so if you liked this post, then stay with us for similar ethical hacking and cyber security and do not forget to join us on Telegram and Facebook, then today  just for itn ahi see you on next post.

Thank you !!!

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