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How to Do sms-call-bombing Using Termux

How to Do sms-call-bombing Using Termux 

In this post I am showing how to do sms bombing and call bombing using termux.I will tell you the complete process of installing this tool in this post and will tell all the steps as well as give you the command required to install it below so that you can install it easily,

How to Do SMS Bombing and Call Bombing in Termux -thatshacker

this is a type of termux tool which  It is best to send SMS and calls in bulk but you are requested not to use it wrongly or to cause any kind of harm to anyone, first of all we know what is this tool or what is its use.

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* What is sms-call-bombing

The SMS bomber is kind of software allowing you to send send SMS to specific person in a higher frequency than normal. The content can be repeated or non-repeated, but the purpose could be, either malicious or non-malicious purpose – the previous one is quite obviously not safe and not allowed by-law, while the later one can be. The non-malicious purposes could be, for example, express your feeling or pay court to a girl. If you talk about safety of using the SMS bomber, it really depends on the purpose and the content you will create.

* Requirements to install sms-call-bombing

1. Termux Apk

2. Hackers Keyboard

3. Installation Commands

4. Good Enternet Data and connection

5. Some intrnal storage

6. Some patients

Out of this, you can download termux apk and hackers keyboard from playstore, apart from this I will give you the command list of its installation below, from where you can easily install and use this tool by copy-pasting.

* Command list to install sms-call-bombing

pkg install git -y

pkg install python -y

git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git

cd TBomb



In this way you can install this tool on your termux, it will take some time during installation, during this you do not have to click on back button or home button, after that you will see some kind of interface which is given below from where you can  You can start that tool by opening that number on any option.

How to Do SMS Bombing and Call Bombing in Termux -thatshacker
Like here I want to do SMS bombing,then I will go to the first option and for that I will type 1 and click on enter, after which the section with SMS bombing will open, now I have to enter this country code, whichever country you belong to.  Then the number on which you want to do SMS bombing and after that the number of SMS and then by clicking on enter, SMS bombing will start.
For call bombing also you will repeat the same process but where we clicked by typing 1, you have to type 2 and click on enter.
So in this way, with the help of this tool, you can do SMS bombing and call bombing and you can easily install this tool in your termux, so that’s all for today, if you liked the post, then definitely share.  Stay tuned and join our telegram channel.
Thank you!!!

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