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Fake Chat in whatsApp | How to create Fake Chat in whatsApp

Fake Chat in whatsApp । How to create Fake Chat in whatsApp
Hello Guys once again welcome all of you, I have come with you an amazing app, with the help of which you can create a fake chat on your WhatsApp, so you want to know how to create a fake chat and  What is this and what is that app, so stay with us till the last.
Fake Chat in whatsApp  । How to create Fake Chat in whatsApp
* What is Fake Chat
You must have understood the meaning of fake chat, as it is known by its name that with its help you can create a fake chat on your WhatsApp, you can talk to anyone, it does not need to explain me much.  Let’s talk about that app, the name of this app is WAbox. Probably many of you will know about it and many of you people have used it, I personally use it myself.  And I liked this app very much, so I am sharing it with you. If you use WhatsApp, then this app can be of great use to you. Apart from fake chat, it has many more features, so let’s know  About the app and its features.
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* About this App
WABOX is a complete toolkit for Whats App that brings you all the incredible features needed in 2021. From Status Saver for Whats App and Whats App Web Scanner to some advanced features like
Whats Deleted – that shows deleted whats App Messages and Media, Transparent Whats App. and Direct Chat, WABOX packs-in the finest goodies.
The app comes with a remarkably beautiful and easy to use interface created with the latest trends in Mind. Here’s a fulI list of features that WABOX offers:
Whats Deleted – View deleted Whats App Messages and Images when sender deletes for everyone.
Whats App Web Scanner – Scan a QR Code of Whats App Web right inside the app to enjoy WA web services.
Status Saver for Whats App Video/Images – Easily download Whats App status images or videos with WABOX.
Language Support – Support for Arabic(ar), Portuguese(pt), German(de) and Spanish(es) languages.
Walk & Chat – A fantastic feature that leverages the phone’s CGMera to Make Whats App chat background transparent with less opacity.
Whats App Cleaner App 2021 – Saves an ample amount of space by cleaning Whats App sent İmages, videos, documents, and cache.
Fake Chat & Call – A fun tool to create a fake whats App conversation or c all.
Text Repeater Pro – Repeat any text up to 10,000 times with this feature.
ASCII Text Art Generator for Whats App – It offers a plethora of ASCII |_(“)_/” faces in Happy, Angry, and other categories.
Direct Chat – Start a conversation or Message to the unsaved numbers on Whats App.
Text To Emoji Converter – Easily convert any written word or text to emojis.
Shake To Open Whats App – A quick shortcut to land you on Whats App’s home screen from anywhere on the phone. Gallery – A dedicated gallery to keep all the Whats App Media in one place.
So in this way you have come to know about this and its features, then click on the download button below and download this app right now and enjoy it in the next article and with an amazing app till then  Goodbye to

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