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Garena Free Fire Mod APK Download latest version ( 100% Working )

 Garena Free Fire Mod APK Download latest version ( 100% Working )

Hi Guys In This Artical I will tell you how you can download the latest version of free fire mod Apk which will work 100% in your mobile phone and there will not be any fear of your account being banned.

In the free fire mod APK version you get to see many features like Auto Head shot, Aim Bot ,Aim At Head ,White Body ,Ghost Mode, Stone Mode, Speed Adjust, Night Mode, No Recoil, Medkit Running, Esp fire etc so that you can survive easily and win this battle ground in easy way.

As you all will know that India banned the pubg game because in view of the growing border dispute between India and China, the Indian government had banned many Chinese applications which included PUBG which was in abundance in India.  Free Fire Game quickly took over India and took the place of the public and after it was banned, it was one of the games played in free fire and most popular game in many countries not only in India but today Is one of.

In the game of free fire, you are taken off somewhere, in which 50 players land on a battle ground and here they have to find many weapons and kill their enemies and the one who survives in this battleground in the end wins it.  You can play with your friends or even alone. This is a game online game that makes your gaming experience even more fun.PUBG and Call of Duty are also similar games that take you to the real world of gaming and you cannot live without playing it.

So today I have brought the mod version of free fire for you to make your gaming experience easier.

Garena Free Fire Mod APK Download latest version ( 100% Working )

What Is Garena Free Fire Mod APK ?

The Mod APK version of Free Fire is a modified version of the original version of Garena Free Fire, which is designed to improve the battle experience of millions of free fire players.

In this mode APK version, you get to see many more features.example:- Aim At Head,speed increase,Ghost Mod,Telekill,Hd mode,Esp Fire,Fast Punch,Fire in movement etc.

To use all these features, you have to install and open your Free Fire Mod APK version, after which the free fire will appear overlapping in your home screen, which will be seen as many features as you touch,  From which you can use it by turning it off and on.

You do not need any type of VPN to use all these mod features.  As soon as you touch any overlapping and turn on any of the features, you will immediately see its effect.

There will also be no fear of getting your account banned because you get to see features like anti-ban.  But I would like to give you an argument that you should use it by creating a new ID rather than using your original ID.

Version info


Name – Garena Free Fire Mod APK


Version – 1.54.1


Developer – Garena


Size – 552.16 MB


Last Update – November 18,2020



Download Free Fire Mod APK latest version for Android

Given the high demand of the free fire mode APK version, I have provided its download link below.You can easily download it by clicking on the download button below.  In this, you have not been given any kind of spam link which causes any harm to your mobile, besides this mod version you will not get to see anywhere else, you will not be able to download its mod version from the play store.

Play store policy is against such mod apk version so you will not be able to download it from play store.  You will have to click on the button below to download it, after which you will be able to download it easily and you will get all the unlocked moded features in it, then right now you can download it by clicking the button below.   Have to take. 

                          Free fire mod APK


Free fire Obb file



Aim At Head

This mode can help you easily head shot by helping auto head shots to kill your enemy in the Battle Ground.

Aim Bot

This feature helps to target your enemy right so that you will be able to easily target by weapon on her body.

Aim When Crouch

This will allow you to bow down and attack your enemy very easily.

Aim When Prone

By this, you will be able to attack your enemy easily by lying on your stomach and you will be able to make head shots by lying down.

Ghost Mode

This feature is a very fun feature in which you disappear for a while, so that no one can see you and you can easily attack on your enemy or avoid him.


This feature takes you yourself behind your Enemy, so that you go by sticking behind enemy and it is the advantage that you can attack your enemy by attacking it.

Night Mod 

Night Mode Feature You can bring night or Day in your Battle Ground.

Medkit Running

Whenever you need a medikit and you want to apply it, then the problem comes to you that if you are unable to apply medikit while running, then with this feature you will be able to apply medikit while running, which will help you a lot in the battle ground.

Fast Punch

With this, you can increase the speed of your punch and by using it you can easily attack more and more attacks on your enemy.

Fire in Movement

any movement, you will be able to fireing with any movement after going to fireing you.

White Body

Your body will be white by using White Body Feature and your body’s body will be white so that you will easily be able to see them and firework.

Stone Mode

You can use this to avoid your enemy, by using it you will hide in any stone, which will make your Enemy unable to see you.

Bullet Bug

This is one of my favorite modes. This will make you a lot of attacks in a shot from your gun.

Esp Fire & Esp distance 

These are two different features in which you will see a target line towards your enemy, so that you will be able to know the direction of your enemy and you will also be easy to fire the gun and other features are also similar, just your distant enemies will also be seen in it and  They will also see a line.

Other features

Speed increase

Aim 360

Aim pull 

Hd Mode 

Entena Body

Fake name 

No scope

Note :- 

 With the help of this Mod APK Version you will not be able to become a Pro Player because when you play with a game honestly hard work, you get it better and you get better at it.

At the same time, you do not use your real ID while using this version and use multiple turn features, you fought only one turning feature at once.

If you want to use it for your entertainment and want to use all moded features then download this version is absolutely free.

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