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Facebook information gathering tool in termux || by SID

   Facebook information gathering tool in termux || by SID

Facebook information gathering tool in termux || by SID

Updated by khilesh singh

Dated 27 August 2020 

Hello guys welcome to the world of Cyber security….

Today’s I show you how to get any Facebook user info just installing one tool in termux and starting Facebook bot also

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So let’s started

First, I have the name of this tool. FBI (Facebook Information), how do you install it in Termux’s app and know the needs of its installation first.Learn anything about FBI Tool

•  what is FBI tool

Let me tell you that the FBI tool is a tool with the help of which you can find out the information of any Facebook user without touching his mobile and apart from this you can also start Facebook boat, which is the same  With the help of the tool, from this boat, you can start options like Auto Like Comment, this is a great tool and there is no need to root for your installtion to your phone and this tool also work on computer language like python.

• How to install 

To install it, first of all you will have to download Termux’s app and if you have not downloaded this app to you, you can download it in the download section of my website, besides you can download it from Play Store.

After this you have to paste the command by step by step in your Termux’s app.

This is the command list

>> pkg update

>> pkg install git 

>> pkg install python2

>> git clone https://github.com/xHak9x/fbi

>> cd fbi

>> pip install -r requirements.txt

>> chmod +x fbi.py

>> python2 fbi.py

After inserting all these commands you will need to generate a token, for this, the command you have to do is

>> token

After that you will be asked this Facebook username and password which you have to enter and then click on enter.Then the last command you have to give to run it is

>> python2 fbi.py

In this way this tool will be fully installed, now you have to type the help command to know the usage of this tool, then you will get all the information to use this tool.andTo install the boat, now type simple boat command.

Apart from this, you can also download the entire command file by clicking the download button below.

So Friends, that’s all for today, thank you in the next article Apart from this you can see the entire process of installation even after visiting my YouTube Channel  and ask me to comment or go to my social media account when there is some trouble and follow me and go to Follow. Na forget also Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
Thank you so much guys।

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