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Call Anyone Without Showing Your Number | Unlimited Free Calls without Sim Card to Anyone

Call Anyone Without Showing Your Number || Unlimited Free Calls without Sim Card to Anyone 

Friends, let me tell you one thing today, do not recharge 49 rupees yesterday, then incoming calls are closed, if you recharge unlimited or wifi in your house then you will have to recharge a little less But friends have to recharge for calling, even if you do not have WiFi in your house.

Call Anyone Without Showing Your Number || Unlimited Free Calls without Sim Card to Anyone

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We have come to solve this recharge problem for you free Fly 881 app. Yes, you can call anyone anywhere from this app and with this you can get your business free from your customer and also do this and I do not speak this thing in the same air. Hey brother, the company producing this app and you have to download this app, you can do it from the download button below or you can also download it from the Play Store, the download button is down.

Now you must have downloaded it, so let’s talk about its features, first of all you will see the option of login in it, but before you login, you have to sign up and create an account and after that you can enter your name and getfly88 number in this app. Choose, now your account will be created, now you get many options in it, so let’s talk about how you can call in this,In this, you get to see the option of contact, call and profile below, then you have to go to the option of your profile and from that you get the option of call, which on opening you get your QR along with another option then you  You can also save this QR code and put it on your visiting card or business card, then what you have to do is to take another mobile and scan the QR code in it and after scanning you will get the phone directly.

Now let’s talk about its other features, in which you get the option of call button, click on it, then you will get the option of copy codes, you have to copy it and post it on your website, where the call button will come on your website.  Anyone can contact you from your website.

Friends, now you must be thinking that we also get this option on the WhatsApp app which is already installed on our phone, so why should I not call from it but friend what is there to call you on WhatsApp.  WhatsApp should be installed in both mobiles but it is not so in freefly 888 app, you just have to keep it installed on your phone and the person you want to call only has to scan your QR code, you can send it to your visiting card or shop anywhere.  If you can, then any person can call you by installing him directly from his mobile, even if he has this application in his mobile or not, it will not make any difference, he will scan the QR code and you will get the call.

In the website of this app, you get a search option, which you can see all the people who have registered on this app and if you want, you can call, friends, this is the thing about its features which I liked very much.  How did you feel about your heart and soul, do tell us by commenting in the comment section and if you like to know about similar applications, cyber security and ethical hacking, then definitely follow us and join our telegram channel where I am in these  If I keep sharing the direct links of all the apps, that’s all I get for today in the next article.

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