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Best Smartphones That You Can Buy in sale

 Best Smartphones That You Can Buy in sale 

If you also want to buy a smartphone, then tell us that soon the Independent Day Sale is going to come, in which if you buy a phone, you can get it at a lower price than its original rate, then you will like your phone in this year.  Buy that too with a big discount, today’s article is in it, in it I will tell you which phone to buy for you will be good in this sell and which will be in your budget and which you can get at a lower price.And if you talk about the right time to buy a mobile, then it is the time of the cell, in the sell time you also get to see a discount and along with the bank offers, credit card, debit card on which if you also take the phone  If you want it to have an effective price, it is reduced very much and if you see, Republic Day Sell is also going to come, what has come, it has been done on the public, on Flipkart and Amazon.


But the thing is that what are the best possibilities deals and what are the best phones inside this sell, so if you want to buy a phone in this sell, then this sell can be a golden opportunity for you.

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In this article, the new one will tell you about all the best deals, so let’s start and know first about phones under Rs 10,000.

• Best Phones Under 10,000 ruppes 

The first phone that is under 10000 rupees is the one that I will adjust to you. Micromax in 1B which is priced at 7000 which is a very good phone in this range is a lava phone on the  Amazon in which you have OvZ which 2 GB RAM.  And with the G30 processor and inside you get to see Strongay Android, with this we can talk that in Poco, the Poco C3 can be a very good choice and the realme’s narzo 20 can be a very good choice of Snapdragon 665 for 8500 rupees.  Here are some choices and in the range of 10,000, you also have Motorola’s E7 Plus, which can be a good phone to see with stock Android in the range of 10000 ruppes.

But the best thing is that which good phones are available to see in the price above 10000.

• Best Phones Under 20,000 ruppes

In simple language above 10000, I am telling you that you get to see multiple phones of every companies as if you are talking about the most.In note 1, if you have a budget of 12000, then it can be a very good choice, as well as this range.  In you get to see Redmi 9 Prime, from the price of 11000 you can get to see Poco m2, while there is a similar phone, there is a difference of RAM and storage, otherwise you are getting to see all the things.  For phones like Samsung, you get to see M21 and Galaxy F41 in less than 15000. Both phones are quite similar but in F41 you can get a slightly better view of the camera so there is a slightly higher price than M21 but talk about 15000  In the nearby range, you can see all the three phones of Poco’s m2 pro, redmi note 9 pro, redmi note 9 pro max, and all three are similars which come with 720G processor, just to see the AD’s inside the Poco.  Won’t get.

But to talk about the price of 15000, you get two good phones realme 7, which has a very good processor and realme’s narzo 20 pro which is available in the range of 15000 with 65 watt charging, after that only one in the range of 15000 to 20000  This is a phone that is available with the best features at the lowest price, that is, Poco’s X3, 120 Hertz display can be seen, with a large battery and also with 6.7 FHD + DotDisplay, the phone is a bit heavier, get better features.  Not that they are packed inside, after this, we talk about 20000, then we get to see the Realme 7 Pro which comes with AMOLED display and fingerprint, fast charging, along with Samsung Galaxy M31 s from 20000  Whose display is also good, the camera is also good and battery backup is also good, it is also a very good choice.

• Phones above 20,000 ruppes

Above 20000 is not the case, it gets hot here, you get to see a lot of phones like talk about the latest Moto g 5G ,5G processor above 20000 comes with 750G but at the same time it gives slitly better specification.  You get to see MI10 i,108 megapixel camera, you also get to see a better display, with a better camera and in the range of 20-25 thousand is a very good 5G phone and from Samsung you get to see the phone with the biggest battery.  , 7000 mah battery, the processor is a bit old, its 730G but it is capable, it is 4G galaxy M51 but gets very good choice from Samsung. Between 25-30 thousand, there are two phones that would like to adjust one  So there is nord of OnePlus and the second is X3 of reelme but my suggestion will be that the upcoming realme x7 is also coming, then you can wait for that too and in realme x series it will be that you will get 5G phones in less than 30000.  If you do not want to take a cell phone, you want to wait for realme x7, then you can do it right away.

But talk about which are the good phones in the price point of 30000, then the V20 Pro of Vivo which you can get up to 25-26 thousand in offline, along with this, there is another good phone which is a much better phone in terms of camera.  Pixel 4a,Some people may find this phone to be a little compact, it may look compact, but the phone is quite good, stock Android will see the fastest updates, 5G will not be seen but which is much better, along with providing the best specification within 30000  It is that iQ00 has got all the discounts, it is seen in less than 30000, which is the best 5G phone in it, but if you have a budget of 35-40 thousand, then Xiaomi has two good phones MI 20 and MI20 Pro which are very good.  It is a phone and if you are iPhone’s iPhone then you get to see the iPhone SE, but above 40000 I find it the best phone in Android or not it is OnePlus 8T with 65 Watt charging, Snapdragon 865 with Oxygen OS  There is a good package that you can get to see up to 40-42 thousand. Want to play ROG PHONE game in the range of 50000 is the best phone.

And above 50000 there is OnePlus 8 pro which is also a good choice. If seen, there is another phone below 50000, that is Samsung’s S20 FE 5G jisme best security, camera is now available to talk about iPhone, then 50000  IPhone 11 can be seen in less and the iPhone 12 mini which is the latest bo will also be seen this time in 50000 which can be a much better choice, after which talk about the price above this, Samsung’s s21 plus series is a good choice  You can also talk with it, within 1 lakh iPhone 12 may be the best for you, you get to see all the options inside it, if there is a budget above lakh rupees, then you can take iPhone 12 pro and Pro Max.  And if you want to spend on Android above 1 lakh then you can take galaxy s20 ultra, you can also get a foldable phone in it, then you must definitely take advantage of this sell and buy your favorite phone in this sell.

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