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500+ Tools in Termux Also Need a Cyber user

  500+ Tools in Termux Also Need  a Cyber user 

500+ Tools in Termux Also Need  a Cyber user

Updated by khilesh singh

Dated 22 October 2020

Hello and welcome guys….

Welcome to the world of Cyber security..

So friends today, I will tell you the process of installation of an amazing tool with the help of which you can install 500+ Termux tools. You heard exactly 500+ Termux tools that all Cyber users need, so if you want to know this  And if you want to become a professional Pentester then today’s article is only for you.

So if you have come here for the first time, then Subscribe now and in addition, subscribe to our YouTube channel as well, you will also get the complete video of its installation, so let’s start without wasting time.

First of all, let me tell you the name of this tool, its name is darkfly, you can go down for more information about it.

* What is DarkFly

500+ Tools in Termux Also Need  a Cyber user

DarkFly is a Termux tool in which you will get to see more than 500  tools, its special thing is that with the help of this tool you can directly install more than 500 tools, in this you will get all the tools that all Termux users have  Is necessary for.

* Who to install and use

This tool is very easy to install and use First  if I talk about the useful things for its installation, then it is very important to have the app of Termux in your Android phone and if you have not yet installed this app, then you can download it from playstore right now.  You can also install it by going to the download section and if you want to become a Cyber user then this app is very important, then install now.

After that you have to put all the following commands in your termux app. I have given the list of command below.

This is the command list,:-

>> pkg install python2

 >> pkg install git 

>> pkg install php 

>> pkg update

>> git clone https://github.com/Ranginang67/DarkFly-Tool

>> cd DarkFly-Tool

 >> chmod +x install.py 

>> python2 install.py 

>> DarkFly 

In addition to the help of all these commnad you can install it, you can download it and then copy it and fall into your Termux’s app. Click on the download button below to download the file.

So in this way you can install this tool in your Termux’s app and can do it apart from this, if you have a problem in its installation then So you can see the entire video of its installation by going to my YouTube Channel, besides you have a request from you, you must subscribe to my YouTube Channel and reach me by comment on any kind of problem.

So thank you so much guys …
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